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1980’s Sports The historical events of the 1980ś-1990ś is greatly remembered as the ¨go-go¨ eighties. More towards the beginning of the decade, the United Skates got locked in ideological combat with the communist soviet union. Years later, President Reagan had recently taken office, then suddenly he got shot by a Younger man named John Hinckley. The shooting nearly killed him when he miraculously survived and still gave his speech. President Raeganś overlook on gun control still never changed. It just made everyone stronger and want to fight for what was right. In theory, the Olympics are never supposed to be about politics. The Olympics provide an arena where all countries come to compete with good sportsmanship regardless of what happens with political…show more content…
Gymnastics was and still is a big thing in the Olympics. A lot of girls strive to be the best in gymnastics and even tumbling just to grow up and be huge and win the Olympics. Pressure is put on them more than ever around Olympics time and even throughout the whole year. They are expected to eat healthy, do workouts daily, and be a good influence for the fans that are children. When and if you win, you earn a very elegant title because people have a lot more metals and people slowly earn respect for you.. The Olympics helped sports teams in many ways and also helped notice people more. Without the Olympics, sports would not be as big as they are today. Sports is a get away for a lot of people. Special olympics are also a thing, Special olympics has helped throughout the years by letting and encouraging different people to fit in so everyone gets the chance to make friends and get a chance to shine. The olympics originally came from ancient Greece, so they have been here for a while now. There are many years to come with sports and many championships ahead, so the big things that have been accomplished in the past are just a boost up for our

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