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In 1984 power can mean two different things, one is to have control over your thoughts and the way you think, and two is to have power over someone else. To have power over someone in 1984 that means to control everything about them, from the way they speak to the way they think. In the first few pages we see this man named Winston begin to try and free himself from the bonds of tyranny, the very first way he does this is by beginning a journal. This is a symbol of him trying to free himself, even if he doesn’t know it yet himself because the journal, no matter how innocent it seems to be will always have the same implications as being a traitor. With him being marked a traitor by the party for just writing in a journal shows how much power they truly have, being able to take people and mark them as criminals for something seen today as a normal act makes the book speak on more levels then one. Also we see Winston start to form control over his oppressors by taking his mind back he starts to think and it is…show more content…
When Winston is taken by the thought police we get an insight on how the party truly works. They are men and women who are seeking power can be shown in the quote “The party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the goods of other; we are only interested solely in power.”. This quote shows how the party does not care for the people but as long as they are in control then it does not matter. To gain power in this world is not hard, it is shown as an endless cycle of the middle becoming high and doing the same thing the high class before them did. Well if you eliminate the possibility of the middle trying to start a rebellion then you are safe. This is the ideology we see in the book If you keep the middle in check, yet give the people in poverty at a happy place then there will be no need for violence and
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