Essay On 21st Century Skills

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21st Century Skills
Educators have come to term with the evolution of society. Society has moved from the industrial age to the information age. With this transformation a new skills set needed to be design and hence the birth of the 21st century skills. According to Abbott (2015) the term 21st century skills refers to a broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits that are believed by educators, school reformers, college professors, employers, and others to be critically important to success in today’s world, particularly in collegiate programs and contemporary careers and workplaces. Generally speaking, 21st century skills can be applied in all academic subject areas, and in all educational, career, and civic settings throughout a student’s life. There is an endless list of 21st century skills proposed by many different organisations. Common 21st century skills highlighted by almost every organisation include; problem solving,
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Creativity is an essential channel that motivates students to see who they are and what they can do, and to realize what they can accomplish. Creativity comes from doing worthwhile projects and significant tasks that give students challenges to overcome in ingenious ways. Students are always searching for ways to express themselves and their uniqueness. Educators need to create assignments in which students have to think up the problem and the solution. In this way, students will be more passionate about the project, thus the more likely they will want to explore innovative solutions for it. A method to encourage creativity and innovation is to have brainstorming, whereby students can submit their ideas and engage with other students on the validity of their ideas. This process will help them to produce new ideas. Innovative thinking will be shown when the students refine their original ideas, and build on feedback they

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