Essay On 28th Amendment

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Far too long in this great country of ours have the big corporations taken advantage of the people at the bottom. Unfortunately, because of our laissez-faire oriented feelings this leaves millions of Americans who need to rely on government programs in order to survive. With this in mind the 28th Amendment will tackle the problem of big corporations head on with as little government intervention as possible. This Amendment will be composed of three parts initially the first two focused completely on the corporations themselves while the last part will deal with the individual so that he/she may not further exploit the system. A company large enough to hold more than a million people will not be permitted to have employees on government assistance …show more content…

Forcing companies to hire American workers will cut into the profits of the people who manage and run the company but those figures are nothing in comparison to what the taxpayers have to deal with. Now, with this particular section of the amendment will not completely ban outsourcing, It will simply cut in so that more American men and women can have an opportunity to work and survive. Tax evasion is already illegal, yet many people still find a way to cheat the system. That is why with this last and final clause of the Amendment will give powers to the IRS to conduct detailed investigations on people suspected of tax fraud. Hopely, that will force people who are already stealing from taxpayers to simply pay like the rest of us. Finally, there will be a Constitutional law protecting the American people from the clutches of greedy multi-billion dollar companies fixated on only gaining a profit. The days of giving jobs that would normally be given to foreigners given to American people will create more jobs and generate more money at the bottom for lower class citizen. This should be the 28th Amendment, an amendment protecting Americans, creating more jobs, and enforcing the rules and regulations already set by men before

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