Essay On A Band Concert

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WOW, who knew that band concerts could be so nerve racking. Once you get through one you want to do it again to get things right and to do the things you already do right. I believe that this band concert was very successful. I was not playing do to an injury that is now getting better. I will be reflecting on my last rehearsal
I think I did very well at my last rehearsal was very successful. I believe I was successful in articulation. To succeed in articulation you half to pay attention to the conductor and the music. I also believe that I had good rhythm. If you want good rhythm you have to listen to the beat that everyone else is going and you pay attention to your notes and the music. The last thing I believe was good was intonation. To be in tune I had to tighten my ambchur I also had to firm up on certain notes. I believe that these thing where great but they were not perfect. After all I think I did well on certain things, and now you know what those things were.
I am not perfect I make a lot of mistakes. I need to work on these things. First, I need to work on dynamics. To be successful in dynamics you half to pay attention conductor and parts of the music. I would also fix my note accuracy. To do this I could practice certain parts of the music more so that I know the correct notes. The last and most important thing I need to fix is paying attention to the music and the conductor. I can fix this by taking more time at home to practice the music and at school I
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