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The Misfit “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor is a very eccentric writing piece. In the first paragraph a woman tells her son that an individual who calls himself The Misfit has escaped from prison. When the family takes a trip to Florida on their way there they have a car accident as a result of the selfish grandmother. The family then comes into deadly contact with the escaped convict known as The Misfit, and other escapees. The Misfit is murderer and has had an interesting life compared to that of the grandmother who’s life is just a hypocritical routine. The Misfit is not entirely insane, as we will see by his history. When the grandmother comes into contact with The Misfit she does not realize how bad of a situation she is in until it is to late. One of the main characters who is an escaped prisoner calls himself the Misfit. At first he seems to be calm when he starts talking to the grandmother. He even smiled a couple of times. By his speech you can tell that he is uneducated, but is also very polite, even apologizing for his appearance. The Misfit tells the grandmother that his…show more content…
It started by describing the characters in great detail and elaborating on their mundane lives, but didn’t even give the name of the grandmother. Even though we don’t know The Misfit’s name who was a murderer he had more knowledge of the world and had things figured out, unlike the grandmother, and unlike grandmother The Misfit realizes his own faults. He said, “I ain’t a good man, but I ain’t the worst in the world either” (305). As much of a bad person that The Misfit is he still makes sense and can use deductive reasoning, so he is not entirely insane. She tries to convince The Misfit he is a good person just like her, but does not even believe it herself. Although the grandmother believing she herself is good person, even though she acted very selfish throughout the book, ultimately leading to her entire families
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