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Introduction: A healthy lifestyle is not just a combination of proper diet, exercise, adequate sleep, but a way of life, a reflection of attitude which aims at an active, disease-free life. Ingrained habits are difficult to do away with and even awareness of the dangers of unhealthy living is not enough to compel people to choose a better lifestyle. However, determination and effort can help achieve a healthier lifestyle in even a few days. It is advantageous not just for the present but the future as well. This paper will discuss the health plan for weight loss in 30 days, the action required, various sources of information, people who can offer support as well as the challenges involved and the expected rewards. Evaluation of the success…show more content…
As nutrition experts point out, starvation will not necessarily make one lose weight, but will cause health problems and sometimes even death. A balanced diet must be accompanied by regular exercise. It could be brisk walking, jogging, swimming or visits to the gym or exercise with suitable equipment at home. Avoiding stress or at least minimizing it also contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Stress reduction may be done by using relaxation techniques like “exercising, meditating, yoga or just doing deep-breathing exercises” (Angela, 2015). One can also take up hobbies like gardening, painting, music, reading, etc. Awareness of health issues can be gained from various sources like the library, the net and nutrition guides. It should also include knowledge of appropriate daily calorie intake, blood pressure levels and other possible health problems like bad cholesterol. Checking weight frequently can show whether there is actual weight loss. In case there is no weight loss, the action plan may need to be

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