Essay On A Long Way Gone

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Davishmar hicks 802 Ishmael Beah was a child forced into Warfare. This has many effects on ishmael, almost all of these effects are negative and takes a huge chunk out of Ishmael’s life. He is forced to do a man’s job at the age of 12. This is disastrous to him. All of this is conveyed by the passages,”A long way Gone,” and, “Babes in arms.” The war had disastrous effects on Ishmael. Can you imagine returning home to find your family and house in a burning mess. This is what happened to ishmael. The war killed his immediate family. This is what i observed in paragraph 2 of , "A long way gone, "when it states, "Why have i been the only one to survive the war? Why was i the last person in my immediate family to be alive.” Also in , "A Long way gone This explains that he is the last person of his family to live and that is a sad situation. He has to fend for himself and this is MISFORTUNATE for any child forced to ENDURE this. The text "Babes in Arms," also illustrates this when it states,"in Beah 's case the arrivals of the rebels in his small town meant sudden separation from his parents." The authors clearly are making the same point. The war took his family.…show more content…
The war traumatized him and left him with permanent scars in his brain. This is portrayed by the text, "Along Way Gone," when it states, "A memory of a town we had attacked during a school dance had been triggered. I could hear the terrified cries of teachers and students, could see the blood cover the dance floor." Any person who witnesses this will obviously be affected. He has seen countless people slaughtered by war. The text, "Babes in Arms," depicts this when it states, "We walked around the village and killed everyone who came out of the huts." This is a horrific thought. This sentence is just foul and supports my thought of war traumatizing
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