Essay On A Memorable Trip

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Most Memorable Trip. I think that everyone has a very memorable trip but the only thing that has been memorable about all of my trips is that it 's not a true vacation until my family gets severely lost. Now when I say lost I mean completely lost as in another state lost. but it always ends up really fun and we always laugh about it later, never in the moment because we 're scared, but always afterwards. The most memorable trip that I would have to say I 've ever gone on is when my mother, my step dad, and I all went to Chicago to see my ex-boyfriend for the weekend. It was supposed to kind of be a vacation for all of us but I got to see my long distance boyfriend. My parents told me that if I tried really hard in school and kept my grades up and promised to help run the house that in June they…show more content…
On our way back home we got really lost, we 're supposed to be in Illinois, and 4 hours into the drive we realize that we were in Wisconsin which we all thought was hilarious, it just added 4 more hours to the trip. So we get about halfway home and everyone 's really groggy and everyone 's just ready to go to bed at all the sudden my mom starts freaking out and tells us to pull over so we think that we did that she has peed her pants so we 're just kind of laughing at her. so she steps out of the car and she goes inside to the bathroom and my step dad goes in after her and we 're all just kind of laughing it off and then once again in the bathroom they realize that all of the liquid that 's coming out of her is not water it 's blood. it was a really heart-wrenching moment for all of us because we knew she had lost the baby. So the whole car ride home which is about six hours was just crying and praying. Eventually we home and they took me to our house and then they went to the hospital because at this time it was about four in the morning. luckily she gets there and they do a sonogram and the baby is perfectly fine, and to this day we still don 't know what
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