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Short Story Bailey I grew up with a dog and was always on friendly terms with the neighbourhood felines. Tragically, our family dog passed away before I finished school and the pain of his passing prevented us from bringing any other animal into our home. My mother was not prepared to go through the trauma of losing another loved one, so our home remained animal free for a long time. Then, about four years ago, there was a flood of animals that invaded our house and our hearts. We now have four cats and a dog that live together in relative harmony. Each one of them was picked up from the street under unusual circumstances, and each is a story in itself, but this one is about Bailey, our dog. It was 14 April 2012, the opera had come to Bangalore as part of the Swiss cultural exchange programme with the Bangalore School of Music. As one of my friends worked with the Swiss consul in Bangalore, a bunch of us managed to get tickets to the gala event. That evening we decked ourselves in our finest evening wear and travelled to the other end of the city where we were treated to sparkling wine and short eats while we rubbed shoulders with Bangalore’s artsy set. Needless to say, the performances were magical and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. After the show we hopped into the cab and headed home with the passionate strains of Verdi still running through our heads. My friend Archie and I were the last to get dropped and as her house was a little further ahead, I decided to have her
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