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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a truly inspiring coming of age story about overcoming hardships and poverty with amiable characters that take the reader on an emotional experience on how life was like in the 1900s. The book’s main theme is if someone works hard and long enough, they will achieve their goals. The title of the book even supports this statement. There is this tree in Francie’s backyard that grew through the cracks of the cement. The tree has been cut downed and burned multiple of times, but still continues to strive into a beautiful tree, which Francie loves. Francie also works hard for what she wants. Her goal is to have an education, to learn, and to go to school. Even though she was not supposed to go past the sixth grade, at the end of the book she goes off to college, even though she…show more content…
They had to wait in line for hours for stale bread, live in tenements that hardly met health codes, and people treated them like they were worthless including doctors and teachers. When Francie and her Brother went to get shots, the doctor kept on making rude remarks like,” I know they are poor but they could wash. Water is free and soap is cheap.” And insults by saying,”The world would be a better place if the poor were sterilized and unable to breed anymore.” The teachers we not any better. The poor kids got shoved to the back of the class and had to share desks, the teacher never called on them, and they were not allowed to go to the bathroom during class. Also, since the parents worked all the time, the children got little adult supervision. Kids had to grow up fast and had to take care of themselves, most dropped out of school to work. When Francie had no food, her mom made her and her brother play a game pretending they were in the North Pole to get their mind off of eating. Poor families faced real and difficult problems, but Francie’s family was able to make it out of their
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