AIDS In Africa

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Africa is by far, struggling the most with its ongoing battle with AIDS. In comparison with the rest of the world, they have the largest number of infected people. Throughout the years, millions of people are catching this virus and nothing seems to be getting done to prevent it. In the US they’re are discussion groups and early childhood classes on safe sex and how AIDS and HIV can be contracted. When the time comes that young adults are beginning to become sexually active they need to take the necessary precautions. Unlike the US, Africa holds back on their teachings about sex in schools, for reasons of culture and religion they do not believe in. In 2000 the statistics on the number affected with the virus in Africa was around 23.5 in the…show more content…
Of those deaths, the majority occurred on the African continent, with some 1.5 million African fatalities attributed to disease in the same year. Africa has suffered from the devastation of HIV/AIDS for decades and attempts at containing and eradicating the disease have been many in number and unsuccessful; there are however groups within African society that are often ignored by modern AIDS prevention strategies. African women and men who have sex with men are at a increased risk of contracting HIV, due to their unequal social, political and economic standing, fail to be reached by conventional intervention…show more content…
Impacts of HIV/AIDS can be found everywhere in Africa. Further, HIV cannot be prevented solely through the efforts of African leaders; they need the help of the international community. HIV prevention will not succeed only through medications; many social reforms are also needed to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa. HIV infection in Africa has become a humanitarian crisis, and we cannot end this in a couple of days. Although we are equipped with very sophisticated technology, even in the 21st century, Africa without AIDS seems to be a dream. We should try to develop an AIDS vaccine because deadly diseases like smallpox were eradicated through vaccination. At this point of time, it seems to be the only way to get rid of this deadly disease. Until then, let’s work hard to prevent further spread of AIDS among African
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