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Abaya with Fashion

Abaya is famous clothe in the Gulf countries. It is special and traditional clothe for Muslim women and 96% of women in the Gulf countries wear it when they go out. One woman start thinking to do some changes with Abaya. She made special design to merge with Abaya and she did first Abaya fashion and showed to women. 75% of women like this idea and they happy with it. On the other hand, don’t like the idea and they says, no, we don’t like Abaya fashion because it can change our traditional clothe. I believe that it is normal and no problem with Abaya fashion because it can discover designers, fashion can expand the business and fashion can attract western women.

Over the 80% of female like the fashion. They using with clothes to be beautiful or showing to others. They always looking for a new designs to use for clothes. So using Abaya fashion can discover
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Also, can Abaya with fashion to there. So make Abaya fashion can attract western women. If we go to western countries and show the Abaya with fashion, they can like it and start use it. For example, my wife has friend from Germany and she ask her about Abaya because she like Abaya with fashion and she try to wear it. She like it and tell to my wife share her in the business because Abaya with fashion good idea and it is a new in the western countries, so a lot western women will come to show it and bay it to try a new thing. Also, it can be successful business in Germany. For instance, if my wife share her friend and make designs for her, she can sale Abaya in western countries. So in the future western women will request Abaya with fashion to wear it. So that can make business between western women with eastern women or designers. My wife and her friend will start business together and making Abaya fashion and selling in Germany. So that can be benefit for the both countries, dealers and

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