Essay On Abecedarian Project

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Hoa Nguyen Sociology Abecedarian Project In 1965 President. Johnson signed The Economic Opportunity Act, an intervention to assist the nations highly advantage children in their education, health, nutrition and social services. Programs such as Head Start was developed by experts in psychiatry, medicine and education by altering the cycle of poverty, their goal was to transform lives and redefine young future. The Head Start Program started out as an 8 week program for children from ages 3-5 and became a full year program. Head Start provide structured curriculum learning blocks to promote cognitive development and preparing the children for school readiness. The goal of the program is to enhance parent involvement with their children’s progress in school which they can eventually carry on into the adulthood. Serving more than 31 million participants 1965, the Federal Government does heaving funding’s towards the program.…show more content…
Although Head Start was not the only intervention program created to promote early childhood education. The Abecedarian Project was invented in 1972 with the same intention to provide educational child care for children from disadvantage background. Although the Abecedarian is similar to the Head Start Program for obvious reasons, the method used during this research is more intensive. Like Head Start, Abecedarian provided preschool on a full day, year round session, but the ages of the student’s ranges from infancy until 5 years old. The children are represented with systemic educational games that would emphasize on cognition skills and language development. The session would be given with an average teacher to child ration of 1:3- this gives the child more attention with their
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