Essay On Abolition Of Slavery

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Abolition of Slavery In the 1860’s, the nation’s African-American population went from 400,000 to 4.4 million and 3.9 million of them were slaves. This means that almost 90% of the black population within the United States were forced into slavery. The remembrance of the abolition of slavery is important because, they wouldn’t have the opportunities they have now, the amazing anti-slavery leaders wouldn’t be remembered, and there would be even more violence in the world. All of the opportunities that African-Americans receive now would not exist without the abolition of slavery. Many slaves lost everything when they were sold into slavery such as their family, their home, their name, and their freedom. Slaves were only allowed to do what their owners would let them do and we have come so much further from even one hundred years ago. “...the stubborn race gaps that remain, especially in opportunity, tarnishing the idea of the American dream.” (Rodrigue, Five Bleak Facts on Black Opportunity.) Even though our country has come far, there is still many segregation throughout the nation. This shows how much more work America still must do to have equal rights for all races. Although, “[King would] be pleased by the legal and political advances of black Americans…” Martin Luther King Jr.…show more content…
“For anti-slavery campaigners, violence was one of the worst aspects of slavery.” (ABDN, Fortune hunters of the Caribbean) This meant that the work the slaves were forced to accomplish was nothing compared to the severe beatings they would receive. African Americans were beaten everyday and night on cotton plantations and at their owner’s homes. All of the female slaves were being constantly raped as well. This world already has plenty of violence and slavery would increase the problem by a reasonable amount, but this has been prevented by the abolition of
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