Essay On Aboriginal Nature

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In the discussion on aboriginal’s beliefs in nature, Narrator Shirley Adamson states that “we are the part of nature”. We are totally depending upon nature for our survival. We get everything from nature such as food to eat, water to drink and medicines. They live a very different lifestyle. I have learnt many new things about their beliefs in nature. In their culture they have a phrase called Due-Leh when they do something wrong or they harm the nature or disrespect the nature then this Due-Leh punish them. Due-Leh also describe the laws of nature and how people can live in harmony. It also describes the energies both physical and meta-physical. Hence, all they believe in such kind of environmental energies. How they treat nature, animals…show more content…
Adamson, I feel that Aboriginal people are quite friendly and innocent people, who always try to save their culture and traditions. Usually they don’t share such information to stranger or foreigner because it is very personal to them. They also have some people who have some super natural power, they call them medicine people. Aboriginal people respect medicine people. Medicine man is spiritually very strong personality among aboriginal people. These are kind of preachers for them. Adamson told me that medicine person can also separate their spirit from their body and they can return into their body whenever they want. After death of any medicine person they don’t burry or cremate his body. They place their body in sitting position in the forest. They believe that one day they will come back in their body. I believe in such kind of powers because in my religion (Hindu religion) our holy books say that it is possible even to separate soul from human body through meditation or by reciting mantras. Moreover, what I understand that aboriginal people here have some similar rituals like us in India in our religion. They also place a plate of food in fire like us, which they believe that it is the food of their ancestors. Fire works as servant to take the food to their
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