Essay On Aboriginal People

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How Aboriginal people lived and how they live today?

Where do they live?
The most aboriginals live in the outskirt of the cities and villages. The reason for this is can be that “white men” don’t want to have them nearby, but have them as long away as possible. Another reason is that the aboriginals feel more home in the nature and not in the cities that has come in the last years. As always there are exceptions, but the majority live in the outskirts of cities and villages.

The beginning in Australia?
Over 60 000 years ago the earth was under an ice age. And the continents didn’t look like it does today, the sea level and climate was also different. Australia was not where it is now, but was attached to the island New Guinea and from there it was not a long way to the Indonesia Islands where they are believed to have come from. They are believed to have come to Australia in canoes. None know why they come to Australia, but it was planned to move away from where they were and move. Another theory is that Australia has moved from South – America to where it is today and the Aboriginals come originally from South – America. And over the years the Australian plate has moved to its current position.
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They live off nature and the resources they have. But not everyone grows up in this way. Some actually grow up without at all familiar with the Aborigine language and culture. But industrialization and the whites arrival in Australia has put an end to some aboriginals. Many Aboriginal people are now living a life of poverty and with no place to stay. They will live as they did before the white people came, without industrialization. Aborigines want back to the old, and in all the racism they have suffered, they might deserve
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