Essay On Aboriginal Spirituality

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UNIT ONE: AUSTRALIA POST 1945 CONTEMPORARY ABORIGINAL SPIRITUALITIES • Aboriginal spiritualty as determined by the Dreaming The Dreaming: - The Dreaming is the root of Aboriginal spirituality and is important to every Aboriginal culture and societies. - The Dreaming is term used to label all knowledge and understanding in Aboriginal societies. - The Dreaming gives the Aboriginal people a way to explain on how the world came to be. - The Dreaming is communicated through art, song, dance, story, ritual and kinship systems. Kinship: - Kinship ties is a complex system of belonging, relationships and responsibilities within a clan that are based on the Dreaming. - Kinship is determined by both family relationships - It is also determined by a…show more content…
- The land is the physical aspect, where the Dreaming is lived and communicated. - The land is a resting place for ancestral spirit beings. - There are ritual responsibilities connected with sacred sites, known as balance rites. - A sacred site is the land upon which particular event in the Dreaming took place. - Aboriginal people’s sense of identity is linked with the land. • Continuing effect of dispossession on Aboriginal spiritualties in relation to: Separation from land: - The English settlers took away Aboriginal peoples sacred land, which caused them to lose meaning to their life and the connection they had with it. - The policy of protection meant that Aboriginals must live where the white settlers tell them to which took the freedom of movement away. - Their relationship and empathy with the land had been damaged. Everything in the Aboriginal life became meaningless. - The aim to take the Aborignal’s land away was to destroy their religion and spiritual links. Separation from kinship groups: - Kinship groups are important in the Aboriginal culture due to the fact that kinship connects the family and clan together that give rights, roles and responsibilities within a
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