Aboriginal Youth In Canada

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Living in Canada, we as Canadians take pride in our culture, kindness, hospitality, and sports. Everyone around the world views both Canada and Australia as kind, multicultural caring countries that accept refugees from war torn-nations. Although Canada and Australia are looked as peace-keeping countries, in the past the governments of both nations made a number of laws that had a major impact on the Aboriginal youth. I believe that the same piece of land we formed our country on is the same land built on blood, mistreatment, and oppression. To discover information on the treatment of aboriginal youth by the governments of Canada and Australia, as well as the similarities and differences of treatment, we must take a closer look back at both countries history and also at the period when the Juvenile Delinquent Act was enacted. In earlier stages of Canadian history, the government enrolled Aboriginal youth into residential schools. The goal of a residential school was to erase the Aboriginal culture from their youth and implement Canadian ideologies. While…show more content…
According to an article by the Guardian (Wahlquist, 2016) “59% of all children in detention in Australia are Indigenous, compared with 40% of children in Canadian youth jails” (para 4). As we can see, there aren’t many differences in the way the justice system in both countries deals with the Aboriginal youth. Although Canada has made efforts to address this issue, in Australia there still a number of changes that need to be made. If we refer to an article by Aljazeera (Kurmelovs, 2015) “At any given time, one in 77 Aboriginal boys will be detained by Western Australia's criminal justice system” (para 1). We can notice that the only issue currently in question is why hasn’t Canada and Australia solved its issues of the over-representation of Aboriginal youth in custody and in

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