Argumentative Essay: The Abortion Debate

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Introduction The main debate is Abortion, and how there are pros and cons about the topic. Abortion in the world is something that people find very controversial because of the fact that many people belief this goes against any moral and any reasonable theory of murdering an unborn child in the womb of a pregnant lady. In other words, a vast majority of people believe that abortion is murder and that with religion in mind, will go to hell. On the other hand, people are not against abortion because of the opinion that if the person is not ready to have a child and got pregnant on a mistake or by any other reasons that could lead to an abortion, it is not murder, but rather an acceptation that it was a mistake and not ready for another life. Should life be taking away because the woman of the bay is not ready? Or should the life inside the womb be giving a chance? Question that I have listed should be considered in the final decision for the mother of the unborn baby should consider…show more content…
Many people in the world believe that this is murder no matter if the bay in the womb has a heartbeat or not. Religions go against this because this is killing a life form. The mother of the unborn baby should not had done a sexual thing and got her pregnant is what a lot of people would think about. Can we kill unwanted babies? This is the question that has been brought up regarding abortion. Is this still considered murder? Miscarriages could be considered an abortion based on the health of a baby and the mother of the bay depending on the health of both. Many people feel that this is murder and by religion this is not acceptation because the life of baby is indeed inside the mother and that this is still considered a life without a heartbeat. The design by the mother is depending as to if they are ready for the baby and if they can support it. Tis is considered an easy way out of having to care for someone

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