Hierarchy Of Needs Maslow

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Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow put forward his theory of the hierarchy of needs through the shape of a pyramid. He suggested that each step in this pyramid became of importance when the needs of an individual are not met. To progress upwards in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs one has to meet each level to a satisfactory standard and when this is happens he claims that a person has reached a point of self-actualisation. All the necessities he mentioned had to be met before this could be realised however. He believed that everyone was capable of attaining self-actualisation but unfortunate life experiences do disrupt a person’s progress and they can go up and down the pyramid when these unlucky moments present themselves in life (ClassNotes, 2014). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid begins with a person’s physiological needs. This includes vital elements to a human’s necessities to live such as food, water, shelter and clothing (ClassNotes, 2014). It is quite common for people who have Cystic Fibrosis that their pancreas and digestive system doesn’t function as it should because of a build-up of mucus which prevents them from getting all the essential nutrients from the food which they eat. However in John’s case it does not mention that he experiences any complications when it comes to his digestive system or with his…show more content…
As mentioned briefly in the last paragraph John misses out on a lot of time with his family due to the fact that he has to go and receive treatment in hospital when his symptoms play up more seriously than usual. The text details that John at times has seen more of the hospital staff than of his brothers and sisters. Similarly John has lost out time with friends from sports which he used to partake in and thus has taken a big impact on his social life, he can now only watch on and support from the side
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