Essay On Abusive Parents

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A parent is a model towards their children. They have much influence over their child’s behavior (Cui, 2008). ¬¬¬Many nontechnical books on parenting laud the role of parents in shaping the character of their children, but the predominance of this theme in the popular press is not paralleled in research literature on adolescent behaviors, attitude, and problems and systemic or institutional approaches to problem solving. If a parent acts in a negative way, the child is more likely to follow their parents’ negative attitude. They are also more likely to generalize this attitude to the rest of the society (Carlson, 2012). To prevent deviant behaviors from appearing, parents must use effective discipline, monitoring, and problem-solving techniques (Crosswhite and…show more content…
Poverty, unemployment, marital conflict, social isolation and family pathology can increase risk of abuse; so can shorter terms stressors such as emotional distress, economic or legal problems. Physical abuse in children is linked to aggressive and violent behaviors in adolescents and adults including violence towards non-family members, children, dating partners and spouses. Research has linked certain characteristics of the child, as well as features of the family environment, to child abuse and neglect. Main forms of child abuse include physical, emotional and sexual harassment, and neglect (Berrayed, 2001; Aberle et al., 2007). Unfit parents negatively affect the child’s emotional development, which leads to behavioral problems. Most parents have o intention to hurt their child on purpose, but sometimes they do it out of lack of experience or parenting skills (Lackovi-Grgin, 2000; Aberle et al., 2007). Adolescent Self-
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