Essay On Abusive Relationships

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Someone who is an abusive relationship may not be aware of their situation. A partner who is acting in an abusive manner can be engaging in various forms of domestic violence. Often, women fail to see all the signs that are being displayed. Many times they simply want the relationship to work or there is the convincing of the abuser that is hard to overcome. There are many signs of an abuse relationship for an individual to know.

Disrespect of Former Partners

Abusers often use a former partner as a way to gain the trust of someone new. Men who talk about past relationships in a negative way early in the dating process can be a red flag. Women need to realize this is a sign that an abuser uses to get women on their side.

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This is often a precursor of things to come. Abuse can seem to be minor at first, but will often increase in time as the other partner does not realize the extent of the problem. Partners who are acting abusive learn of this behavior from multiple sources. This include peers, role models, and family members. Women can also be accustomed to this type of behavior and feel it is normal. The hard part is recognizing that there is abuse to acknowledge the problem.

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

The most important aspect for a woman to understand is they are not to blame for abuse being inflicted by a partner. A woman deserves to have a happy and safe life for themselves. Children should also have a safe and happy life. One important aspect to keep in mind is being respected by a partner. Getting any help will depend on the options that are available.

Women should call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 if they are a victim of any abuse. If this is not a valid option, then contact a friend or family member. Close friends and any family members should always be a phone call away. Do not be afraid to tell a family member or friend of any abuse that is occurring. No one should feel they are alone when in an abusive
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