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Academic Calendar Shift An academic calendar is a timetable that has the dates of university events. It is the annual schedule of an academic institution. It runs from June to March in the Philippines. The academic calendar shift is changing the opening of classes from June to August. Calendar shift should be applicable to flood prone areas only because June to August are rainy months, resulting in suspension of classes, increased sickness among children and it impedes the implementation of curriculum. The school year in almost universities of the world begins in August, September or October while our country has been stuck to its June to March calendar. Only Philippines is the member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)…show more content…
The issue with the weather during the summer months should not be a big issue because summer classes are not new to us. The case of Metro Manila and the flooding events and cancellation of classes is something that can be dealt with the improving of drainage, urban planning and provision of support services that can help the students and teachers in dealing with…show more content…
UP and Ateneo started it. DLSU, Adamson and UST expressed their intent to follow.
Some sectors expressed objections to the change, though school officials of the mentioned schools said it would be beneficial for their students. Despite that shifting the calendar will lessen the chances of suspension of classes, will result to internationalization and continuous classes still problems may arise like the classes would be open during the hottest months of the year, graduating high school students will go through a 5-6 month break before first semester as college freshmen on the first year of implementation of the new calendar.
Calendar shift is not advisable for all. It may be applicable to flood prone areas only because they are the ones that are really affected during typhoon season. It does not mean that it solves the problem of flooding during typhoon season. We may encounter many problems during the first few years because of the adjustments if we adopt a new calendar. I suggest that we should conduct more research and study to give concrete reasons why we need the academic calendar shift. It involves millions of people who have to adjust to the changes which may take time to

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