Essay On Academic Dishonesty

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With the advancement of new technology being ever present and growing, so is the ever present problem of cheating with students. The issue with academic dishonesty and cheating among young adults in the education systems has become intolerable due to the access of technology and lack of ethics that the students have in this day and age.
Many people try to justify or understand why students cheat but they do not understand, so they just implement what they believe instead of asking the students first hand. A survey done by Charles Sturt University and Jenny Wilkinson found out that 67% of administrators believe that students cheat because the think they are lazy and unlikely to be caught and 65% think they are unknowingly cheating, while 73%
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Cheating outside the classroom has evolved to copying assignment from others at home, to full on essay papers that get turned in for big grades (Jagadesh). From the many ways that are around for students to be dishonest it is hard to have good morals and ethics when taking the easy way out of an assignment is so accessible. Plagiarising essays has become so easy that most students do not even realise that they are doing it because it is just so easy to hit the copy and paste button on the computers while writing a paper. With evolving ways of cheating we also have to change our…show more content…
A school in Urbana, Illinois decided to implement a cyber ethics course that was much more intense then a 1-2 day lesson to try and battle the ongoing struggle between students and cheating in the digital age (Baum). By teaching students the ethics of being responsible young adults in an age where technology in everywhere it can help them understand the line between right and wrong when that line tends to not be clear. Comprehensive lessons going over what is considered cheating online and in schools will help decrease the amount of students actively participating in the cheating behavior. The human mind is vulnerable to outside social cues like
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