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To have an academic education is important in life, is the key to succeed in work, social life, in school, college, etc. The people who have the opportunity to go to school and learn how read, write, interpret, add, multiply, and others are privilege people; Since there is exist a lot of people who do not have the opportunity to earn an education. And even thought education starts at home is not the same as to be able to go to school and use all the materials that are available. Us the privileges of having the opportunity of going to a school, have learned all different types of literacy that can exist such as Academic Literacy, Technological Literacy, Work Place Literacy, and Social or Cultural Literacy, that had help us in our academic education…show more content…
I have some memories of when I started to go to school, of how I learned the differences between an upper-case letter and a lower-case letter and the differences between b and v. I had the privilege of having that tuition since I was little, and l really appreciated it cause many people still can 't have that opportunity. As I mentioned before, education also starts at home, when I was in fourth grade I had many difficulties reading so my mother started to read with me at home I became an excellent reader, I even went to a reading competence in fifth grade. The education at home is also very important and helpful.

In the other hand academic literacy can be very complicate, years ago when I came to the U.S I had to learn the English language. When I started in High School I struggled a lot meeting the requirements of certain assignments, I could understand what the assignments were about but, I had of problems breaking down of how to do what the assignments were really asking for. The best solutions for this problem was to ask for help and to start looking deeper in the context. After all that I learn, the expectation of writing and reading, the processes that we need to do, to be a good reader or
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