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You’re in class getting ready for a test you studied for so long, but you realize you study The wrong thing, you see a glance of your peer's paper is It worth it to copy and get in more trouble than just failing? academic dishonesty happens everywhere, even in your class, maybe you’ve done it. The academic honor code is a rule to be truthful basically when plagiarising or seeing it. many people are very half and half about this situation. We should apply the honor code because it helps students adjust to new response abilities in school, also it would help to eliminate plagiarism, and learning a fair environment. Using the academic honor code it would eliminate plagiarism in their class or school. “Some may think that copying others easier and it's more common (Kahn)”. “The findings regarding different instructors’ approaches toward academic dishonesty indicate that an intolerant policy will keep dishonest students away, but at a price—it will also detract many honest students (Elliott and Rakovski…show more content…
A lot of “Students did not fully understand the role of an honor code; many saw it as another rule to obey (Vangeli)”. “Students were expected to report or confront a fellow student if they knew that he/she had cheated, lied, or stolen (Vangeli)”. Therefor teachers expect or trust students to report a student if someone was peeking at their paper or copy from the internet. If you saw someone cheating your job was to report them (Vangeli)”. Such as students' job was to report, but some didn't find it effective or necessary or their responsibilities. “Many students did not find it necessary to call out the fellow peers (Vangeli)”. For instance, all the students just want to pass and keep themselves in check, and not be responsible of their peers. For instance, students are to report if they see plagiarism or copying, but some didn't find it any of their responsibility are

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