Essay On Academic Integrity

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Academic Integrity is an essential component of third level education because it is the fundamental building block in which we derive our professional ethics and integrity from. It sets a pattern for life long integrity in all areas of life. Our job as students is to construct knowledge honestly and fairly. A culture of honesty earns a great deal of respect. Integrity is fundamental to everything we do in college, I don’t think we can have genuine learning without integrity. The important thing about academic integrity is that’s what learning is all about. It provides an opportunity for an academic institution to come together as a community, because it provides the legitimacy to the pursuits of all students. For example, would you like to go to a doctor who
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Students are given a certain deadline for work that is to be handed up which will put pressure on and tempt students to find the easiest access to the relevant information needed. Students may feel after submitting their own work that they do not receive the result they deserve and therefore could tempt them to take data and information from other sources in the hope to receive a higher grade in their next assignment. Whenever a student uses sourced material, this could be either published primary or secondary material, but can also be information got from other people, it must be indicated. It entails a solid set of values and failure to comply with these standard ethics may constitute an act of plagiarism. There are several things that count as plagiarism for instant, quoting exactly from another source, any ideas borrowed from another source, all ideas taken from the internet and any ideas paraphrased from another
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