Essay On Academic Life Before Internet

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Obert Noble
English 27
Andre Dominic Peralta

“Technologies for Academics”

The academic life before the internet
The modern-day technologies we use in a daily basis has become a part of our lives. We habitually turn to them to help us get-by our regular day-to-day routines in school. They hold features that make our daily communication needs a breeze. The internet is basically the core of all the modern day technologies. It provides a vent for an unlimited source of information in every language. It’s basically the channel for research for most people. The access to infinite source of information, research, leisure and entertainment. There is no doubt that it helps make our daily lives be so much better and faster. Most students, if not all, would naturally turn to technologies basically to mollify their curiosity and for information seeking. The modern-day gadgets powered by
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Owning one must possess responsibility and management because leisure and entertainment use of the gadgets can take a lot of a person’s time, so discipline must be applied. It is true that it saves a lot of time and effort to do research and academic endeavors. The internet is necessary in most situations, especially for when they are older and have jobs, but student shouldn’t be overly dependent to it because too much of sometime is just as bad. Teachers must also adopt to the changes especially in the tech-world to utilize maximum capacity of his students in the context when it is timely and interesting enough for the students to learn something and not to get bored. Teachers can really use these modern technologies to their advantage in so many creative ways. By using then it increases the interest of his students. There are more cons than pros in using the internet in our society
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