MBA Admissions Essay

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Academic Qualification
As far as my academic background is concerned, I have completed my SLC (school leaving certificate) examination from a government school called “Narayani Secondary School (Narayani Ma Vi.)” in 2005. After graduating with first class (70.25%), I enrolled in the finest high school in my hometown, Presidency College (affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board), with major in management and mathematics. With two years of rigorous study, I have completed my higher secondary school (10+2) in 2007, securing first class with distinction (78%). Just after the completion, these higher marks motivated me to pursue further education in a good college. To be honest, I was the first lady to get highest grade in my locality. Thus, my parents believed my
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We have everything that we need to be called as happy family. We all enjoy each other’s company. We are so busy in laughing at my kid’s naughty activities. We enjoy every single day as festival. My mother in law is also very cooperative. Everything is going well in our life. However, my husband feels that all these moments of our life has hampered my academics and career badly. He has achieved what he always wanted to achieve and became a Manger of one of the reputed Hospital in Bharatpur. But I am not able to get high profile job due to lack of higher degree from reputed university despite I was highest lady scorer in my college during my BBA. I was consistently good scorer and bright student throughout my school days and BBA. He loves me so much that he cannot see me in low profile job. Therefore, He started to encourage me for IELTS and apply for reputed university so that I can experience what he experienced in Manipal University. As he has seen my interest and curiosity in Accounting, he encouraged me to apply for MPA. He says I have so much skill and interest in accounting that I can excel in my career once I get foreign higher degree and practical
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