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ACADEMIC RESILIENCE Academic Resilience is the capacity to achieve good academic achievements despite the adversity experienced. There could be several circumstances that create a situation where an individual can become a school dropout, low achiever and a persistently de motivated student. Academic resilience is the extra ordinary capacity that helps the student to rise above all these adverse conditions and perform academically well and to be in motivated state, for academic achievement (Alva, 1991, p. 19). In school going children, academic achievement is an important indicator of academic resilience. (Masten & Coastworth, 1998). Academic resilience is a strong developmental construct which is contributed by internal and external factors (Luthar, Cicchetti, & Becker, 2000). The external factors of meaningful activities and caring…show more content…
The internal protective factors are positive outlook about one’s academic performance, hope of the future, and internal locus of control. In their study warm and caring relationships at school from the school was a major contributing factor of academic resilience. Environmental recognition is very essential feature that came out. These adolescents receive warm emotional support from their peers to establish academic achievements (Cauce, 1986; Steinberg, 1996). The socio-economic background of the friends have no influence on the academic achievement (Borman & Overman, 2004). In the internal factors, the student’s positive perception of the academic competence is an important protective factor (Gizir & Aydin, 2009). This can be positively associated with the concept of positive emotions in the PERMA model in the present study. Empathy was another positive internal protective factor in the same

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