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Thinking about my future I realize I need to start thinking about my plan for academic success. Most students are always thinking about how they are going to succeed with school, and what they need to do. What academic success means to me, is working your very hardest to achieve something you will be proud of. My plan to achieve academic success includes not only getting good grades, but doing everything with one hundred percent effort, working positively, focusing on school, also doing good in sports. Over the past two years in high school I really have learned some valuable things, like things I will be able to use in everyday life. High school has been a crazy experience so far, from freshman year to being scared to the “big kids” to learning…show more content…
All I could do was think of the worst thing possibly and be rude. I am really working on being positive about myself and to other people, cause you know the saying treat other people how you want to be treated. Being positive about and during school will help me alot to achieve academic success.
Focusing on school is not always the easiest thing to do. When classes are boring or there is nothing to do students tend to mess around. During class when we have to do things by ourselves I tend to not focus on what I am supposed to be doing, but I am focused on my life. When in reality my life doesn 't start till the day I leave this high school. Not only focusing on my school work, but focusing on my future and where it will take me.
I know some people dont believe doing good in sports will help me achieve academic success, but I believe it does. First when I am in a sport, I am always motivated to get my work done, because I don 't want to be ineligible to participate in said sport. I think sports are a really good motivation. Take for example this past fall I ran cross country and I also struggle with math, so to make sure I kept my grade up I went in a few times a week to get help from the
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