Essay On Acceptance In Society

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Acceptance in Society From the beginning of time, acceptance has played an important role in society. It is only human nature, to try and be accepted into a group of people. Explained by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where social needs are expressed as the 3rd level before self-actualization. Which is what we all strive towards whether we know it yet or not. Acceptance or a sense of belonging can be reasons behind, how we form social groups like cliques, the reason we act the way we do and why we dress the way we do. Social groups range from jocks to Goth to nerds, everyone has their uniquely personal signature. We from them out of the things we like, our music could be similar, or interests can be similar. The best group of friends I ever formed was a group composed of all of the social groups. It sounds cheesy but we formed through a computer science class. Where we had all types of music and all types of interests. Although we properly would have formed into a nerds group since intelligence was one of the similar traits of our group, also because our friendship formed through a computer science class. We had people from almost every group, there was a jock who…show more content…
If you don’t find a way to be yourself and express yourself as your own person, it will eat away at you until you find yourself being exactly the same as the person beside you. You will get your calling, it might be when you are standing in line at Starbucks in your Uggs, leggings and sweater, when you realize that you and your friends not only look the same but order the same thing. That’s when you will realize that you’ve become the stereotype, that society wants you to be, and maybe you will choose to stay with it which there is nothing wrong with, or maybe you’ll change and evolve into a new
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