Aviation Safety Reporting Systems

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1) Explain and give examples of an accident, incident, and injury as defined by the NTSB and ICAO. Recognize the importance of studying accidents and incidents for the purpose of developing insights, information, and recommendations leading to accident prevention: Accidents and incidents play a vital role in the aviation industry therefore are dedicated in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) annex 13.
Accidents as its defined by ICAO are events which are associated with aircraft operations which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flying until the time they get off. And it results in fatal or seriously bad injuries from being inside the aircraft, direct interaction with any parts
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Distinguish between mandatory and voluntary reporting systems: Safety reports are responsible of recognizing, recording and recommending events which are related to accidents and incidents. The main aim which is also one of ICAO objectives is to provide a safe environment for the aviation industry. Reporting such events are essential for better understanding the hazards which can affect the safety of aircraft operations, by pointing out what could lead to these events besides how they occur, preventing them in future will be clearer and easier. Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) which is run by (NASA) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has a few types of reporting systems as mentioned below: the voluntary reporting system and the mandatory reporting system.
The voluntary reporting system is also called the confidential reporting system as it allows pilots, controllers and crew members to report any incident secretly in the concern of developing the safety of air. The reports submitted are important as it reduces the chances of facing any accidents or incidents in future since it 's on the safety database and the workers in this area got well trained and educated on how to handle such
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This would confirm that all parties involve in reporting all the events and increase the flow of the important information for efficient safety evaluation in the system. Workers in the industry can report incidents except if it includes any criminal acts or activities, also accidents. Not to forget the huge role of The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) which is a database that includes all the investigations related to the accidents/incidents which happened in the US and also worldwide. They keep records for all the events related to the aviation industry, highway, marine, pipeline, and trail road accidents and incidents.
They are primarily authorized to investigate all the civil aviation and military related events in the United States but they also contribute in the investigations of other countries events when needed as it has developed resources and a huge database to help them in their

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