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Achromatopsia Introduction Achromatopsia is the dysfunction of the cones in the retina. It may manifest itself as either complete or incomplete achromatopsias (2, 3). Complete achromatopsia is when none of the cones function. The image below represents how a person with complete achromatopsia may perceive colour as they can only see grey, white and black. This type only affects a very small amount of the population in comparison to the people with normal vision and with other types of colour blindness such as deuteranomaly, protanomaly, protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia and tritanomaly. On the other hand, incomplete achromatopsia which is also known as X-linked blue cone monochromatism is not as severe. Incomplete achromatopsia can…show more content…
These lenses work by decreasing the person’s sensitivity to light. Once this is done, the vision of the person improves (9). Another way to treat achromatopsia is by using an eyeborg. This new and unique device uses sound waves in order to perceive colour. Extra relevant information A strabismus may be primary or secondary. In the case of a primary strabismus, the poor vision is not accounted for by any visible pathological anomaly. However, reduced visual acuity from birth, also known as a congenital strabismus, may be accompanied by achrmatopsia (1). Furthermore, there are reports of total achromatopsia being a symptom of Fundus Flavimaculatus which is an autosomal recessive disorder of the retina. It is bilateral and progressive with subretinal yellow flecks (6). Another way to detect achromatopsia is through genetic testing. This detects the mutations in the genes known to cause achromatopsia. These tests may be used along with family history and other symptoms to diagnose achromatopsia (10). Interestingly, over time the symptoms do not become worse. This means that achromatopsia is a non-progressive

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