Essay On Active Learning Approaches

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Active learning approaches are intended to make the students active participants in their own learning rather than passive learners. Many individual learn best and become capable in skills by participating instead of being an observer to the skills (Hermin and Toth, 2006). There are different types of active learning approaches that teachers can use in teaching science. According to Momani, Asiri, and Alatawi (2016, p. 21), “active learning approaches are designed to take students out of their books, sometimes out of their seats, and sometimes out of their familiar ways of thinking.” When implementing the approaches of active learning teacher must consider listening to learners, encouraging open discussion, accepting learners’ ideas, allowing time to think, providing immediate feedbacks, establishing trust relations between learner and teacher so, that students feel free to share their ideas and opinions which ultimately have impact on students’ learning (Zaidi, 2008). Some of the…show more content…
It includes small group works where students are break down into small units to help and teach each other or provide students with pair work. For example; if students do not understand a question, problem or concept they can help each other in a group. The students showed positive feelings for such interaction with their peers (Bartley and Milner, 2011). Group works also allows students to build sense of community in the class. Values like team work, helping each other, working collaborative are inculcate through group work. Small group work is also very beneficial in getting all students to participate, even the shyer students to speak up and share the ideas. Therefore, science enables students to be involved in group work where they have the opportunities to share idea and cooperate with each other in a collaborative practical activity or in conducting
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