Essay On Active Learning

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Chapter One
Active learning is the first step in learning a second language but it is a never-ending journey. Whether in one 's a second language, the acquirement of new language is continues process. To be able to teach any foreign language as effectively as possible, it is important to know, how the learning processes are consumed in students’ minds and how the long-term memory is structured. There has been increased focus on active learning recently, partly because of the development of new methods to language learning, which are considered more centered (Taye, 2008).
Active learning the method that can be used to attain the quality; which means that the learning has been transferred to efficient methods in both learning
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The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of using the active learning on EFL Classes at Al-Baha Elementary School through Instructors ' prospective.
1.3 Importance of the Study
Nowadays, the world is changing very fast, and learners must get familiar with the appropriate skills and knowledge required to be successful, they should be showing to new methods and technologies of learning early to adapt with contemporary education successfully. Therefore, the definition of active learning goes beyond just understanding of text and listening to classes to the abilities that need more learners ' commitment, taking control of their own learning process by commitment in active learning and using mind skills (Prensky, 2001). Active learning is important component of learning English language. This study sheds light on student 's language acquisition and retention. It also helps instructors in teaching language in a more effective way as well as helping the students to improve students ' acquisition and retention. Moreover, it leads instructors and learners in exploring new techniques in teaching and acquiring foreign
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