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Application of complexity theory is been suggested by many researches where it emphasize on non linearity occurs out of organisational change that are to be overcome by the organisation through effective management. Chaos theory involves learning stability from instability in the environment. Chaos theory and Complex Adaptive system theory are put into practice together while implementing the organisations strategic plan (Weichhart, 2013). Dissipative structures are not quite constructive they are rather destructive in nature it doesn’t do anything that’s quite productive. This structure is less informational, predictable, strings of momentary states, self ordered not self-organised and regular (Abel, 2009). Chaos theory and dissipative structures form a two of the key theories of Complexity. Though they are out of place they are part of the strategies that are implemented in the change.
Complex Adaptive system theory deals with three factors which are self organizing, emergence and feedback. Self organisation is a term that implies that the individual elements in an organisation are empowered to provide suitable responses to the change with respect to time. Conditions for self organisation include complete democracy with equal powers where the structure of the organisation in addition to practices and policies. The order of
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The changing government policies and rules affect the organisation’s operational methods. In order to maintain a balance between the society and the management changes are implemented in the organisation that meets the government regulations and employee needs (Senior and Swailes, 2010). Hence, the managers can form new rules and guidelines to evolve into a different reality that is

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