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Sports are amazing because they provide a natural and safe escape for people struggling in their lives. For example, somebody who is battling a personal demon such as an addiction can benefit greatly from playing sports for many reasons, it could be used as an escape from reality, to become more accountable to themselves and others, and last but certainly not least people may choose to play sports in order to learn better leadership skills, instead of following what others do all the time. These skills aren’t just important as an athlete. The greatest thing about sports is how all of these skills can translate into the real world. Whenever I read The Basketball Diaries I always seem to notice how much tougher Jim’s battle with addiction…show more content…
Mitch and I knew each other in middle school and had a class together freshman year, but it wasn’t until we started playing basketball together during our off-time that we became extremely close buddies, and probably will be friends for life. Eventually, however things took a turn for the worse for the both of us. We ended up becoming friends with some of the wrong people, which in turn put us in position to make some very stupid decisions. We both got involved with drugs and alcohol and while I was in no school sports at the time Mitch was. We got into so much trouble throughout all of high school and squashed so many opportunities and positive things we had coming our way. Unfortunately for Mitch one of the times we got involved with the police as minors he was stripped of his lacrosse season and wrestling season. This was junior year, it ended up being awful for him because this drained his motivation, he had once been an honor roll student and no longer was anymore, he had scholarships for lacrosse pending and made it to state competitions for wrestling (which he had been doing for over ten years, since he was a little kid). Since all of his motivation was drained from this he began to get into even deeper into trouble, using more dangerous drugs, using drugs all the time as an escape, and never even played sports senior year because he just didn’t care

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