Adidas Group: Strengths And Weaknesses

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Recently, Adidas Group had come out with Environmental Strategy to overcome the environmental issues from product creation, sourcing and manufacturing to own-brand store operation and other sales points. The main ways they can make a difference is to manage resources efficiency and manage hazards and emissions. Adidas Group aims to save energy and reduce carbon emissions at their administration offices, owned production sites and distribution centers. Besides, they save water used and as well as to reduce the use of raw materials by using more environmentally friendly materials. Next, they reduce waste and toxicity by using less toxic chemicals and through efforts to reduce the pollutants in waste water at supplier factories. Furthermore, they improve the environmental footprint of raw materials and products. To ensure that those aims can be achieved, they use management system to drive continuous improvement through auditing, measuring and reporting against key performance indicators. Not only that, there are few technologies that that is being used in the creation of Adidas products. First, it’s the Adidas DryDye Technology. DryDye technology is a polyster fabric dyeing process that uses no water, 50% fewer chemicals and 50% less energy than…show more content…
The first low-waste product – Element Soul shoe in running category 2012, has only 12 parts compared to 30 in an average running shoe, which is a 60% decrease in number of parts and 500g less waste per shoe. Not only that, the shoe is made with environmentally preferred materials. Another example is the 2014 collection dancing shoe – Kayley low-waste shoe. With more than 90% pattern efficiency, Kayley shoe is another product manufactured by maximising pattern efficiency and therefore reduce waste without compromising on style and

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