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The Adidas group has a long history, and with that a very rich culture as an organization and a community. As we’ve seen in their history, the moto they operated by was ‘Impossible is nothing’ which is reflected in the symbolic meaning of their very recognizable logo. Even though the company started with a simple ‘three stripes’ logo, which was simple and meant to be easily recognizable, it also stood for a company that meant to improve its performance and build their image. A Finish company, Karhu Sports, trademarked the ‘three stripes’ first, but due to the losses they experienced during the Second World War, they were forced to take Adidas’s offer and sell the trademark for the equivalent of just over $2.000 and two bottles of Whiskey. This “simple” logo evolved into the famous ‘Trefoil’ to symbolize that they were growing and diversifying as a company. The Trefoil is still present in some original product lines, but the logo most people associate Adidas with, the three bars forming a triangle that is meant to represent a mountain, symbolizing a challenge for the consumers to push themselves to their limits and achieve more. Today, Adidas is oriented towards ethical practices and commitment to worker welfare which is clearly outlined on their website, in their work and through their code of conduct. Like in sport,…show more content…
The Work-Life Integration team has developed various concepts to support the Adidas employees through all stages of their life. Employees can choose to have flexible working time, and overtime can be converted into days off in the future. For employees with children, Adidas offers daycare centers, as well as holiday camps. In various headquarters, Adidas has special nursery rooms and parent-child offices in cases when parents need to bring their child to work with them. In addition, surrogate birth and adoption assistance are
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