Essay On Adultery

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What is real is that adultery destroys tens of thousands of families every year across America. What is real is that adultery scars tens of thousands of children emotionally and psychologically every year. What is real is that adultery is an open wound in a relationship which more often than not overflows into domestic violence or worse.” don't cheat if you do that you can get in really bad trouble and worse get shot or if you cheat on a test you not going to succeed in life in than your going to be a highschool dropout in do drugs in in up in jail so don't cheat unless you get in alot of trouble in you don't want that because it bad and you don't want the repetition on you it hard to get rid of so dont cheat

main idea so if you cheat in life you can get shot in you don't want that so you stay smart my kids explain say you
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Cheating bad for you not good to do

Main the main point is don’t cheat it not good if u going to do it don’t get caught in dont cheat off someone stupid so u dont fail
Explain so long story short don’t cheat it no good so don’t do it if you do it you not going to do good in life if you cheat your not going to do good in life so dont cheat if you cheat you your not going to do good if you cheat you not good in life your not going to get knower and life so dont cheat and if you cheat you suck in life.

So don’t cheat in life in you will get somewhere in you want that because dont you dont want to get a good job in get a good wife in get good kids in kids dont
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