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I believe that this is a sensitive topic for both genders and I don’t have adequate knowledge to state whether absolutely agree or disagree with the abolition of adultery law. So, considering from what I understand and believe is that if we are seeing married couples just as living creatures falling in love and cheating, I agree with the abolition of adultery law because it’s not the public business to handle. At the same time, we as humans, we can’t really control our emotions and feelings of love, and after all, what is the difference between cheating in casual couples and married couples? I mean, here is where I get confused because sometimes when we think about love, we are more towards the “animalistic” theme that sometimes sounds romantic…show more content…
Though, I don’t think marriage should be looked at the “last” stage of “obtaining” their lover because we can’t ever obtain a person. Although, I agree mostly on the abolition of the adultery law, as a human, I believe that the reason why I can’t fully agree with it is because if I got married and my husband is cheating with somebody, I would obviously want to punish him and who knows what I want to do with him. I mean, I understand how difficult situations can go, but what keeps me from agreeing with the abolition is because the law, the public shouldn’t help or punish our relationship, it should be us, us only. I’m not saying cheating is good, but I don’t think the public can genuinely understand relationships to judge them and sentence them to jail and at the same time there are same cases even done for unmarried couples but cannot be punished. Either way, if we taking about laws for relationships, it’s never going to have a satisfying result as we are dealing with emotions. (Though overall, it’s still vague because I’m not married nor have felt the urge to sentence someone to jail from

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