Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Young People

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16 – Young people and their world 1. appearance fashion lifestyle qualities youngsters are fatter than before casual clothes having the first child in 30 they are more willing to accept conspiracy theories tattoo, piercing jeans and T-Shirt with some signs and pictures preferring social sites and surfing on the Internet presenting their opinions by unusual ways hairstyles, but nowadays they aren’t so different strong influence by celebrities and mass media partys, alcohol, drugs relatively lazy brand clothes and bullying (Addidas, Gucchi) fast lifestyle (having everything and now) free time is more important than their responsibilities more liberal than older people 2. Advantages of being young: • more strength to fight against the life problems • they are healthier • less restrictions (family, relations) • knowledge in using modern technologies (the Internet) • ideas to change the world (enthusiasm) Disadvantages of being young: • less experience • fewer free days, if you have a job (twenty free days in a year) • young people tend to be more extremistic • addiction to their parents (money) •…show more content…
Youngsters don’t have to pay for visas and passports. They don’t have to be checked on the borders. They only have to decide and go. Future students have to apply a form. Many universities in Europe offer study programmes in English language. Learning English is compulsory in Elementary and High (Grammar) Schools. If they know some basics, there is almost no problem to travel. You also need money to travel. The European Union offers various programmes to repay exchanges (Comenius). Returning students have to do an exam successfully to pass to the next stage (class). The other countries accept us as a part of the Europe since we have been a member of the European Union. England wants to restrict the access for foreigners to their country. So, that could be a real problem to gain a great education in the
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