Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Comprehensive University

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In Twenty-first century, a high school diploma probably could help students obtain a job. However because of the changes in global intellectual market, nowadays employers prefer to hire those who could fully handle different problems. comprehensive university could help these students satisfied these job requirement.(Jody Zambrano, Demand Media) University education is the most common ways to provide the skills needed to work. In order to discuss this topic fully, the advantages and disadvantages for comprehensive university and benefit for technical college will be totally explained.

Here are some advantages for go to comprehensive university.Firstly, a tertiary degree is an essential factor for many career. Students always need a comprehensive university education to guarantee students better future careers. If student already know what to do, and can get a degree for that which may reduce students much unnecessary time(Kalen Smith) Normally students need a comprehensive university degree to obtain or change students career. Moreover, a comprehensive university degree can illustrate ambition and may give an edge over other job applicants or, at the very least, keep competitive with them. Secondly, a comprehensive university degree will expose a large number of new information, new friends and school mates with different backgrounds, and to new experiences.
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In summary, it seems to get a comprehensive university degree would provides a large mount of help for future work. However the opposite side of university education also couldn’t be overlooked. From these paragraphs above, even those do not go to comprehensive university would provide many other opportunities,for example technical college. But overall a comprehensive university means a better job. Therefore, it can be said that university is the best place to learning comprehensive skills and knowledge for future work,these comprehensive university experience would become an effectively help in future

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