Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of DDT

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Have you ever heard about a toxic chemical that was used by humans that was very high in toxic? Well that chemical is called dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane or some people call it DDT. DDT was made to be a great pesticide by Paul Mueller, who received a Nobel Prize in 1948. Until DDT was found, many diseases such as typhus and malaria were endngering many lives all over the world. However, after DDT was discovered, it cured many people who had those diseases and army troops in World War II. When the war was over, there was no more need of using DDT against the army troops DDT was used for helping the agriculture. Farmers didn’t have a pesticide strong enough to fight off and to kill all the poisonous insects that lived in their farms until DDT was used,…show more content…
But, in 1970 DDT was banned in many countries around the world because DDT had a high risk on having a huge harm inside a human’s body. So there were still a great advantage or benefit in using the DDT but still there was a huge effect on the environment and also to us that made DDT become ban in many places all around the world. So the aim of this essay is to tell you the advantages and disadvantages that DDT has to the environment and also to us and discuss if DDT is a good chemical or a bad chemical. First there are few many advantage that DDT has on human living and also to the environment. First of all DDT is used to kill organisms that are responsible for causing malaria, filariasis and dengue fever. The use of this disinfectant has probably saved the lives of about 50 million people from these diseases. This shows that this chemical saved many life and also it is still used in some parts of Africa and still saving life right now. Second DDT is highly persistent and continues to be
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