Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Diversity in the Workplace – Its Advantages and Disadvantages With discrimination of any kind prohibited in a corporate setting, the workforce of today is more diverse than ever. Employees in an organization now comes with different gender, race, personality, ethnicity, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, group, age, education, background, and other differences that set people apart. On top of all these, diversity also involves how people perceive others and themselves, which can affect how they interact with their colleagues and peers. This can either cause a bond to form or introduce a gap. Because it is important for all employees to be on the same page for an organization to function effectively, the negative aspects of workplace diversity should be avoided or addressed when issues have already…show more content…
So you don 't just crack jokes about the Chinese or Indians, because it won 't be as acceptable as when a stand-up comedian would do it. People can 't freely state their opinions or tell stories whenever they want for fear of being judged as discriminating. So it 's not only effective communication that is a disadvantage in a diverse workplace, but also freedom of speech. Imagine working in an environment where you need to always tread carefully. Not exactly a fun and attractive workplace. 3. Increased cost of training Apart from the usual training, an organization must invest in seminars, programs and lectures designed to promote diversity in the workplace. If unity is to be achieved, such training is essential as they will teach employees how to accept thoughts, ideas and personalities of others in the workplace. It will also provide information on how to deal with prejudice and conflict in a civilized and professional manner. As it is possible that you are likely to continue hiring employees, you will continue to spend on training. 4. Integration
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