Disadvantages Of Electronic Cigarettes Essay

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Smoking has become one of the world’s fastest growing addictions; an estimated 1 billion adults currently smoke cigarettes and this is an underestimate as it excludes child hood smoking. In fact according to NHS cancer research “By 2030 tobacco will kill a predicted 8 million people worldwide each year” direct quote from Cancer research UK. This is not the only issue with smoking; the NHS spends approximately 12.9 billion each year on treating diseases caused by smoking. Scientists are currently researching ways to help bring down global smoking rates; the most recent development was the invention of e-cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes were designed to help wean smokers off of tobacco. However recently there has been…show more content…
Although this does not deem them to be safe, there is no real research on the long term affects of e-cigarettes • Unlike cigarettes the electronic e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, this means the people around the smoker cannot be affected by secondary smoking. • The electronic cigarettes do not require a flame to function; this eliminates the risk of accidental fire hazards. • Disadvantages: • E-cigarettes lack important regulatory factors such as essential health warnings and appropriate labelling. It is due to these failures that young teens are frequently using e-cigarettes. • The manufacturers of e-cigarettes are not required to identify the ingredients of their product; this means that e-cigarettes may contain substances that are known to be toxic to humans. Furthermore this gives the buyers no way of knowing the strength of nicotine that product contains. • One of the biggest drawbacks of e-cigarettes is the fact that there are close to no restrictions on them. Most online retailers will sell them; this allows any underage teenagers who are not fully aware of the affects to buy one. •

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