Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Early Marriage

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Marrying early may seem very romantic and convenient , but it has its problems. Couples need to get to know each other better and this takes time . Rushing into marriage, which may not last long does not appear the right thing to do . Disadvantages of early marriage are more than the advantages such as responsibilities, teens life , divorce ,education, health ,career ,and children upbringing and child life.

Teen marriage is typically defined as the inion of two people , one or both of them adolescents, joined in marriage from the age range of 13 - 19 years old. Many factors contribute to teen marriage such as love , teen pregnancy ,religion ,security ,family and peer pressure ,and a lot of reasons . But early marriage isn’t positive thing
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Also according to CDC ,children born out mothers tend to drop out of high school, get lower scores ,suffer from health issues ,unemployment and they themselves are prone to be married early.

Also we can’t forget children upbringings .Bringing up children may be difficult .Their knowledge of child care may be limited and parental guidance is also not there .They may not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child . Also health plays a role on teenagers especially after pregnancy they may be affected since it have negative impact on overall health primarily for women.

Some people believe that getting married early is beneficial in some ways .It is affective in term of letting two individuals has sufficient room for improvement to become a successful husband or wife , as well as they can enjoy better sexual relations .Also definitely when a boy or a girl gets married too early they he or she would have much better chances to look younger many more years of the life . But people who are against early marriage are much more than that who are with

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