Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Entrance Exam

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Today, universities are in competition in setting excellent educational standards aimed at admitting only the best students and producing graduates of quality. To be able to achieve such objectives, universities have implemented exams based admission procedures, in order to ensure that only students who qualify or pass certain categories are admitted. As we all know the entrance to a university and the admission exam is very important to every student. University entrance exams are considered to be a proper approach in admitting the students into the universities and a significant factor determining the student’s future development. The entrance examination system has its advantages and disadvantages, but evens so it is still one of the most…show more content…
They concentrate so much on mastering any subjects that it nearly wears them out. It has been shown that heavy pressure when studying has resulted in a number of suicide cases and mental illnesses such as autism. There are certain some disadvantages of university entrance exams. First, the exams have a poor predictive quality because they judge a student`s ability under a set of predetermined conditions and during a limited time. Many times students who are otherwise good students may get very anxious or confused with the subjects under the strict exam conditions, making them to fail. No matter the exam, it should not define the ability of a certain person. Exams are really important for some, but they pressure others so much. Secondly, many universities entrance exams encourage memorizing instead of thinking and rationalizing. Having a fixed curriculum, students focus only on passing the entrance exam. Universities should shift their focus on score achievements, rather than on knowledge enhancement. Students are hardly interested in gaining any knowledge as a way of discovering the world, but with these entrance exams they are just very concerned about their grades. This attitude from the students gradually changes the true meaning of university

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